April 6, 2008

Eaton Families connection

The Eaton Families Association is looking for anyone interested in the Eaton Family. I am married to an Eaton, and I qualify! We are researching Eatons going back to the five immigrants who came to America many many years ago, or even farther. But we like to get good sources for our information. So if anyone has an interest in the Eaton Family, please contact us and we will get connected.

This looks like it could be a great source for hearing back and forth from people. Bloggers could ask to add a post, but almost anyone can make a comment, according to Scott MacMillan, my son. So we are looking forward to getting comments.

April 4, 2008

Eatons and Simpsons - VA to IN

My name is Barbara Fitzsenry and I am currently the VP/Web Editor/Web Master for The Eaton Families Association. I am always looking for ways to enhance our EFA web site, but blogging is a new thing for me. I am hoping that various members/guests, etc. will like to join me to discuss their various family info with other members/guests, so I will start.

My family line is brickwalled mid-18th century Virginia. I am a descendant of a Simpson/Eaton union which stems from William Eaton (b. 1764 Eastern VA) married to Margaret Gossom (b. 1772 VA, dau. of Thomas Gossom and Fannie Maddox of VA); some of their children who follow both the Eaton and Simpson lines are my line, Nancy Eaton (b. 1802 VA) who married John Simpson (b. 1806 VA), and her brother, Samuel Eaton (b. 1806 VA) who married John's sister, Nancy Simpson (b. abt. 1814 VA). My Simpson ancestors were children of Rodham Simspn, who may have descended from John "the Scot" Simpson and Mary Thomas/Thomason of VA, who left for points West and finally settled in Indiana, as did several members of my Eaton line. It was said that my descendant line was blessed with a "Mayflower pilgrim" heritage, but I have never been able to establish a valid link prior to the 1764 brickwall. I do know my earlier Gossom line dates back to the first Maddox to VA and thus back to England and Wales. Even without a direct connection, however, my Eaton and Simspson lines go back to early England via past lives spent in Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Please join me in a celebration of our family legacies and tell me a little about you and your family, especially if they follow either one or both of the Eaton and/or Simpson lineages or if you can shed some light on the early Virginia branches of these families. If not one of these lines, feel free to discuss your family group and let's make it happen!

You can also email me at b.fitzsenry@gmail.net