March 27, 2012


To provide a discussion forum in pursuit of our Eaton heritage, the Eaton Families Association has created this Addendum to our website in hopes of encouraging open dialogue on the historical and ancestral roots of our families.
The objectives of this Association include the collection, consolidation and preservation for posterity of genealogical data of our ancestors; the promotion of the principles of freedom and democracy for which our ancestors worked, fought, and died; and the cultivation of mutual acquaintance and friendship among our members.
(Clause II of the Constitution)
According to the By Laws of the EFA:
The purposes of the Eaton Families Association are:
  • To bring worldwide Eatons and Eaton descendants together in celebration of their families and in pursuit of common interests.
  • To record the genealogies of their families.
  • To encourage and support genealogical, historical and geological endeavors related to Eatons and connected families, their origins, ancestors and descendants.
  • To research, establish, acquire, maintain, preserve, exchange, publish, produce or reproduce records, and (as appropriate or desired) to sell or resell memorabilia, artifacts, historical documents, and other information or goods associated with Eaton and related families
  • To raise funds in support of the above activities.
  • Also, the Association, as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee, may join in the support of worthy activities conducted by non-members and/or other organizations, provided that such activities are consistent with the stated purposes and By Laws of the Association.
  • The Association may, from time to time, organize family reunions.
  • The Association shall develop and maintain a proprietary web site for the benefit of its Members. Please see The Eaton Families Association web site
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    Sandra Eaton said...

    A while back someone was working on the Eaton's of Michigan and New York, just recently I decided to look up two Edward Eaton's and following there linkage back to their ancestor to disprove a connection to my line, John and Joan of Wales to Penn.
    Edward 1, of Hilltown, Pa, I find several trees that claim this Edward b 1650 d 1706 son of Rev Joseph and Gwenlliam Morgan, was the same Edward who md Eliza Cole of NY. correction : Edward 1706-1778 spouce of Mary Howard widow Lewis, this marriage issued daughters, and this Edw was born to early to be the one in Michigan, with that being said the Edward who was married to Eliza Cole was the son of Edward the son of John and Martha Todd, this Edward b Bucks co 1769 d 1864 Ingham co MI. Now for the second Edward 2, of Macomb co Michigan, 1828-1901, born Connecticut to William Eaton 1793-1861 and Fannie Session 1795-1870, this linkage of Edward Eaton ancestor of John Eaton and Rachel Wright the son of Jonas and Grace Eaton of Staple Kent Eng. - NE
    One thing that does not clear itself* Is the typed will of Edward of Hilltown, gives his children names and names Martha wife of James Shannon also spelled Sharon, while the will of Joseph Eaton husband of Jennet Ramsey names his daughter Martha not by her married name and she too was married to a James Sharon, still not proven as to the James Shannon Sharon , a typo? or two different James.