September 3, 2011

Founding Family: Francis Eaton of Mayflower

Perhaps you may be part of our pilgrimage history by way of Francis Eaton and his descendants:

By Rev. Silvanus Hayward

FRANCIS EATON(1) came over in the Mayflower in 1620 with his first wife Sarah, who died the following winter. His second wife, name unknown, died about 1625. His third wife, Christian Penn, came over in the "Ann" in 1623. He was a carpenter by trade, and resided in Plymouth and Duxbury, where he died in 1623. His autograph is preserved in the County office at Plymouth.

SAMUEL EATON(2), son of Francis(1) and Sarah, came with them in the Mayflower, --"a suckling child." He was apprenticed for "seven yeares" to John Cooke, and was one of the purchasers of Dartmouth in 1652. He resided in Duxbury, Plymouth, and Middleboro’, where he died in 1684. His first wife was Elizabeth, whose only child died young. His second wife, Martha Billington. Daughter of his step-mother, Christian Penn, who after his father’s death married Francis Billington. The children of Samuel(2) and Martha were Srah3, Samuel3, and Mercy3, who married Samuel Fuller, and had eleven children.

RACHEL EATON2, daughter of Francis1, married Joseph Ramsden. Their son Daniel3, was born in 1649, and among his descendants, now called Ramsdell, is a tradition that the name of Rachel Eaton’s mother was Lois.

BENJAMIN EATON2, son of Francis1 and his third wife, Christian, was bound out to "Bridgett Fuller, widow for fourteen years". He married Sarah Hoskins, and resided in Duxbury and Plymouth. Their children were William3, Benjamin3, Ebenezer3. and Rebecca3, who married Josiah Rickard.

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