August 20, 2011

Revival of the EFA -- In the beginning ...

The Association, in general, will be two things, if anything:
(1) democratic, which means that everyone's membership is equal. Naturally, we will have officers (elected, of course) to make sure that our afairs are administered appropriately. But the Association will, if you will for give the trite use of an already old adage be by, of and for the Eatons. That means everyone who is a member controls what is contributed to the Association and taken from it, in terms of benefits as outlined [in Bylaws]. Everyone can submit and take material from the archives, or write for an (edited) newsletter, or submit and use photos and more.
(2) Nobody I know gives a hoot about where a family member is from or what stage each is at in his or her research, except, perhaps, to wish that we can all meet some day and want to help one-another whereever and whomever they may be.
In my own case, I had good information on ancestors in England, but had been unable to provide proof that a man born in England was the same person who was my line's founder in this country. 'Cousin Shelley" of Boston, a truly giving person, whom I have never met, provided the answer which had defied four generations of searching in my family. If that doesn't say it all, then nothing does...There is no specific thrust or weight in terms of era. To someone trying to break through a barrier or search for a great aunt, that information is no less vital than the search for some of us are conducting for "Robert, the mystery man, b. c. 1118."
 [founding charter member, Rick Eaton, c. 2000] 

Now what can the EFA do for you in 2011 and how can we help provide best information currently available and/or improve our web site?  Feel free to comment or post a response at any time, and be sure to check back often for additional postings or information.  Also, please be kind enough to post your own blog regarding your family and specify which group or branch of the family tree you belong to for the benefit of others trying to "fit in."  This way, others will be able to answer your queries or post additional questions as well.

If you are interested in furthering as well as sharing understanding and knowledge of your Eaton or Eaton associated ancestry, please be sure to visit our EFA web site at Eaton Families Association to fill out our membership application and/or contact our membership chairman, Lorna Eaton.

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