September 1, 2011

Founding Family: John Eaton of Salisbury/Haverhill

We are currently working on information concerning this family line and would love to get your take on where and how your family fits in:


JOHN AND ANNE EATON settled in Salisbury, Mass., prior to the winter of 1639, when his name first appears on the Proprietor’s Books. There were several grants of real estate made by the “Freeman of Salisbury unto John Eaton1 from 1640-46.” On one of these “containing pr estimation six acres lying upon ye great neck” it is supposed that he lived. The homestead has never passed out of the Eaton Family, and is now known as “Brookside Farm.” What ever may have been the cause of the emigration of this family from the old country one thing is plain, that he was a man of conviction who acted upon his own opinion. His general course of conduct clearly shows that he was capable, under God, of being the architect of his own fortune. His autograph, his dealings in real estate, hi official relations, and his last will and testament, which contains twenty-four well arranged items, wherein are bequests to his wife, children, and grandchildren, are so many testimonies to his intellectual ability and moral integrity.

In the year 1646 he moved to Haverhill, Mass., where the last twenty-two years of his life were spent. His first wife Anne, died in 1660, and he married Phoebe Dow, Widow of Thomas Dow of Newbury, the following year. He died in Haverhill, Oct. 29th, 1668, aged seventy-three years.

His children, all by his first wife are as follows.
  • John2 b. 1619; m. MARTHA ROWLANDSON of Ipswich, Mass., and resided in Salisbury, Mass.
  • Anne2 b. about 1622; m. LIEUTENANT GEORGE BROWN of Salisbury, and resided in Haverhill.
  • Elizabeth2 b. about 1625; m. THOMAS DAVIS of Haverhill.
  • Ruth2 b. about 1628; m. SAMUEL INGALLS of Ipswich, Mass.
  • Thomas2 b. about 1631; m. 1st MARTHA KENT, 2nd EUNICE SINGLETERY, and lived in Havehill.
  • Hester2 b. about 1634. She died unmarried.


Ed Eaton said...

I am am grandson of Robert Byers Eaton and Emily Esther Barker, Robert being a descendant of John and Anne Eaton (founding family). We believe that John's father was Thomas Eaton, b. 1565 in Rowlington, England. We believe his Mother to be Helen, whose maiden name we are researching. The line of Descendants is well recorded by Converse and Eaton in their book, An Eight-Generation Genealogy of the Eatons of Salisbury and Haverhill, Massachusetts:.

Ed Eaton said...

We can trace the Robert Byers Clan through the line that includes John m. Martha Rowlandson, then John3 m. Mary Ingles, then John4 & Esther Swett. Then we trace through William (b.1720 looking for DofD) m. "Ruth" Meribah Wardwell and then Jeremiah (b.1849) and Abigail Haskell on Deer Isle. From here we are pretty sure of the lineage. Jeremiah and Abigail had no biological children, but adopted Asa and Edward Bra, sons of Rachael Bray, but generally thought to have been sired by Jeremiah.

Ed Eaton said...

Asa Bray Eaton (b.1792) m. Mercey Raynes, then we follow down through William Raynes Eaton and Anna Saunders to Edward Raynes Eaton and Isabella Byers. Edward is my namesake, and my wife, Trish (Patricia) and I did perform LDS TEmple ordinances for William and Isabella. I mention this because the Temple is a very sacred place where the veil between us and the next estate is thin, sometimes very thin. During several of the ordinances, but especially when we knelt and sealed their marriage, Isabella's presence was palpable.

Ed Eaton said...

My Grandfather, Robert was a son of William and Isabella, and my father was their third son. Robert married Emily Esther Barker and practiced law in Springfield, MA. He collapsed and died while arguing a case in the Massachusetts Supreme Court in 1932 aged only 46 years. My father was only 12. The four sons were dispersed by the second World War. Robert Jr. served in the Navy and took up residence in what is now Black Diamond near Seattle, Washington. David also served in the Navy but returned to finish his life in Massachusetts. My father, Edward, pursued a career in the rubber industry that took our family to many cities, but we still claimed the Boston area as home. Jim, the youngest son, married and lived his life in and near Springfield where he grew up. Today the clan is spread from New Hampshire to Oceanside, CA., and across the southern states through Arizona, Texas and Florida, with a heavy concentration still living within a couple hours' drive of Springfield.

MikeBrown said...

Savage, in his NE Genealogical Dictionary, has 3 Thomas Davises, 1 in Saco, 1 in Boston (s. of a William), and the 3rd in Newbury. He has James Davis [Jr.-?] of Haverhill,perhaps son of the James who was first in Newbury and had removed to Haverhill, as possibly marrying a daughter of John Eaton of Haverhill. Page 86 of Haverhill V.R. has a marriage Dec 1, 1648 between an Elizabeth Eaton and James Davis Jr. So, it seems that either you have better information or listing her husband here as Thomas Davis is in error. I am from this line. James Davis III(? - there seems to be some confusion about the suffixes) the son of James Davis and Elizabeth Eaton, married, according to Haverhill V.R., Aug 16, 1693 a Sarah, perhaps daughter of a Winnock(?)/Winnockson(?), widow of a Mr. Wiggin. Their daughter Joanna Davis m. Jacob Chase, grandson of Aquila Chase, Newbury.

pamelaj said...

Yes, I agree with Mike Brown. I have been researching Eatons for years (I'm also descended from both Davis and Eaton and allied families, and in "The old families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Massachusetts ; with some related families of Newbury, Haverhill, Ipswich and Hampton" by David Webster Hoyt page 147 it states that Elizabeth, daughter of John Eaton of Haverhill b. ca. 1595, married James Davis,son of James Davis 1, my other ancestor on Dec. 1, 1648.

Ellen Babin said...

Just discovered I am a direct descendant of John Eaton and his wife,Ann, of Salisbury, Ma. This has been a hobby of mine for years. I grew up in Lawrence ,Ma. and have always loved the Salisbury,Amesbury,Newbury area.I will post more and my discoveries continue. I am also a direct descendant of the Peabody/Paybody line that incorporated Hampton N.H. and the Hale family,who figure prominently in the Newburyport area.Apparently, my bloodlines are attracted to the sea,as am I.

Ellenmarie Babin (Peabody)

Gitonyerhorse said...

John Eaton is my tenth great grandfather through my mother's side, descending through his son, Thomas who married Eunice Singletary, and their son Thomas, who had a daughter, Lydia Harriman, who is my 7th great grandmother. She connects to the Fowlers of New Hampshire through her daughter, Lydia Ladd, who was the mother of John Ladd, the father of Mehitable Ladd Fowler.

Gail Ivey